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Tina Carter

Although my main interest from childhood through high school was art, after being stymied with my progress as an adult I gave it up and went onto other things, including photography. Photography taught me my artistic vision. I wanted to add to my photography, so I started fusing more than one of my photos in Photoshop, later adding my drawings. I love the ocean so my fusions began with photos of the Pacific Ocean beaches, and I continue to use water of all sorts in my fusions.

Drawing in ink has always been my most natural method of expression. A friend told me about Urban Sketchers, and I discovered that while I was away, drawing had become less of an elite activity and more for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. It rekindled my love of ink, and now I use fountain and dip pens, experiment with different inks, and incorporate watercolor, something that had intimidated me. My aim is to describe my subjects well, but still to play, experiment, and draw the way I want to draw.

With retirement glowing in front of me, I tackled something that had defeated me in college: oil paint. I turned to two of my favorite painters, Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Thiebaud for inspiration. Using photos I’d taken of land patterns from airplane windows and those I took on a rock plateau outside Santa Cruz, I created sets of abstract paintings of earth’s patterns, trying to achieve a similar color energy that Thiebaud infused in his paintings. Ideas for new patterns and new ways to use colors come from experimenting with the paint itself and using other photos as the basis for subject, pattern, and color exploration.

Current and Upcoming Shows

Abstract Zone (Online)
My page
Exhibit page

Making Waves: Waterscapes in Art (Online)
Southern Tier Center for Emerging Artists
Exhibit page

Nature’s Patterns (Online)
Rhode Island Watercolor Society
Exhibit page

Paint Your Heart Out (Online)
KBM Art Gallery
Exhibit page

Abstract 2023 (Online)
Las Laguna Art Gallery
Starts 9/01/23

Grandeur of Color (In Person)
MVA Gallery
9/20 – 10/18/23

8/15/23 – 10/15/23
My page

Abstract Expressions
Blue Oaks Arts, Red Bluff Gallery
Exhibit page

Spectacular Landscapes
KBM Art Gallery
Begins 9/1/23

Small Works
Rhode Island Watercolor Society

Grand Prize

Solo, Blue Oaks Arts, Red Bluff Gallery
Exhibit page
22 paintings

Show: Small Works 2023
Las Lagunas Gallery
Show starts: December 7

Any Art, Any Time
KBM Gallery
Show starts: November 18

Light, Space, Time
Honorable Mention

Vibrant Visions
HMVC Gallery

HMVC Gallery 
2023 in review
1 fusion

KBM Gallery
Year end extravaganza
1 fusion

RI Watercolor Society
All 3 submitted
Blue Pyramid: Honorable Mention

Light Space Time Gallery
9th Annual Colorful Abstracts (Jan 2024)

Sky Above

Any Art Any Time
Pieces prior to 2023

Hummingbird & Dragonfly Art Gallery
Serene Scenes

Digital Creations
My Page

Blue Oaks Arts
Red Bluff Art Gallery
2024 open call
Land Confluence 8, Land Confluence 9, Land Confluence 11

Mt. Si Art Gallery
Small Works Show 2024
Land Confluence