My friend and host, along with her intrepid pup Weston, and I spent a day at the White Place, which is outside of Abiquiu. Although I’d been there before, I’d never explored it. We had enough time to really delve into the place, going behind one of the sets of rock, where we found a small drain of water. We spent three hours there, but being October, it was pleasant instead of scalding hot. The first batch of photos is of the White Place. The next four photos are of the land north of Abiquiu, and start with an amazing natural echo chamber bowl.

Then the photos travel down from Santa Fe to Alamogordo, and include several of the Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument outside Albuquerque. From there to Alamogordo the road was mostly straight, and went on forever. The land was mostly ranch land, but strange mountain shapes would rise and recede. The weather kept me interested – there were many strange clouds that changed as I passed them. There were too many deserted, decrepit buildings to take photos of. I wanted to stop at more, but not knowing how long the trip would take, I had to keep going. I need to build in time for them when I travel.

As I arrived in Alamogordo, a monstrous cloud was picking up the light from the sunset. That night there was lightning all night over the mountains.

On a more personal note – Alamogordo has a light ordinance, so businesses that aren’t open don’t have their lights on after dark, and those which are open have few on. It’s a great concept, but for a stranger to town trying to find a food store – well, it was really really dark.