I’ll be leaving Noida in a couple hours, so I was sitting at the window watching the block of flats across the street, and it hit me what made them feel so familiar. They remind me of New York. Tom lived in an apartment building in Hell’s Kitchen that had the classic NY backyard behind it – the apartments surrounding the block all over looked a common backyard, even though the backyards were fenced off per building. It was the classic Brooklyn-in-the-50’s backyard, where everyone was related or knew each other, and called over to each other as drying laundry flapped around them. Of course it was The City, so no one knew each other, but the same feel was there; a familiarity based solely on similar living conditions and proximity.

The surrounding streets in both locations help build this feeling. Tree-lined, they’re still a few steps away from a major avenue, but give the area a feel that it’s isolated in its own world.

The people living in the Noida apartments have the same feel. They all have laundry drying on their porches or roofs, they all step out for a while and then go back in, they tidy up or sweep or have junk stored on their balconies. They live similarly based on their apartments. And that’s why it feels like NY.

I forgot how challenging sleep is when I’m here. I’m tired when I’m at work, possibly because I’m so allergic to working in an office nowadays; possibly because I’m not eating what I’m used to (although Indian food is SO delicious); possibly because my schedule is so topsy-turvy; okay and possibly because I desperately miss my dog… er, family. Even with the rare night with enough sleep, getting up to work at 6pm (my body’s and North America’s time 6am) just doesn’t feel right (okay, 6am feels right to me only when I’m asleep). I’m ready for bed at 11pm, body time, no matter where I am.

I very much enjoyed spending time with my colleagues here, who I’d never met in person. I feel like we’re more solidified as a team; things are slotting together among us.

I took movies going to work yesterday, and per usual, they didn’t turn out very well. It’s bad enough I’m more comfortable when my images stand still (yes to Photoshop, no to After Effects), but being in a cab wildly driving around other motorists does not help.

I travel to Gurgaon today – I’ll be clutching my camera.

Today I have a movie (the only good one) of the intersection outside my window here, to show you what a typical cow crossing looks like. I had to compress it to fit it all in, and I have no idea how movies work with wordpress, so please forgive any errors. I’ll figure it out eventually and repost if necessary.