I couldn’t resist posting this on the eve of Paul Walker’s death. I’m stunned by Walker’s death – he was 40 years old. It just doesn’t make sense. I learned from karate to appreciate what you have every moment you have it, because you never know how long it will last. Walker’s death reminds me of this lesson again.

The graveyards I found in N.M. were raw. Many headstones were wood or sticks, or stone with hand-carved inscriptions. Even though there were many plastic flowers, the feeling was that these graves were well-kept.

The first set of photos is from a small cemetery in Tesuque. The next set is from a graveyard on the road to Taos. An imposing and majestic site, I can see why it was captured by religion. Notice the two crosses at the very top and right of the mountain. If the graves were well tended, the statues – the spiritual focal point of the cemetery – were not. The photos in the next set are probably more recognizable – the famous and well-photographed San Francisco de Asis Mission Church in Taos. Its beauty insists you photograph it, even though you might feel like your photos could never compare to those taken before. The last batch of photos is of the grounds and the outside of the Sanctuario de Chimayo. I was too late to enter the church but the outside, with its memories of its devotees, gives you as good a picture as the inside.