Is it ironic that the town with the most problematic call center is the one that has the most luxurious hotel? Why yes, it is!

But I don’t care. By this time, and I realize I’ve only been here 2 days, I need all the luxury I can get. My tummy is starting it’s decline – I’ve just started on the anti-biotic and immodium. I can’t sleep when I need to, so I’ll be tired when I get to work, then exhausted soon after.

The Leela Kempinsky is a hotel of extreme luxury. Marble bathroom – huge tub – gorgeous rugs & comfy furniture – a DVD player! – a Bose iPod system, it goes on and on. They upgraded me to an apartment – I have a full kitchen, dining area, and living room – secondary toilet, huge primary bathroom, 2 tvs, and did I mention a DVD player? (So glad I brought Suits with me! :-)). They even provide an electrical converter. The food is great and the service is over the top.

When I stayed here 2 years ago, my room looked out on a huge tract of land owned by the army, that was used as farm and grazing land. I spent many hours watching the animals and people move around the land and it kept me sane. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a similar room, so I’m on a lower floor, over looking the city. What they don’t mention at the front desk is what’s between you and the city (see photo). It also faces the highway so there’s perpetual beeping. It’s not loud enough inside to be a problem for sleep, it’s just in the back of my mind when I’m writing or reading.

I wrote the above 2 days ago, then took a day off as I was too wobbly to post – didn’t even take my camera to work. I’m feeling better, today is Friday’s work day in North America, and it will be a long, tough day I expect, and I’m going in early. Hopefully I can leave a little earlier than 3am to balance it out. But I did want to post what I had.

More about the Leela – yeah, I know, it’s overkill, but honestly, when you feel like crap and are on the other side of the earth from home, the luxury is heavenly. The minibar and all the bottled water you can drink is complimentary. After I arranged for a car to the airport tomorrow, I asked for a late check out. I was thinking noon or maybe 1 (the car comes at 3:30) & I could eat and hang out in the lobby until the car comes. Before I could stop talking, he’d set me up for a late check out for 3:30. That kind of service is so helpful. I hope to get a workout in tomorrow, as I’ve not been feeling well enough to take that on as well as work.

There’s not a lot to shoot on the way to work here, the drive is very short, and it’s a parking lot. Very few cows, and not many dogs, either. I’ll be shooting on the way to the airport, and it’s apparently a 1-2 hour drive from the airport to the hotel in Bangalore – another opportunity. Until then – photos.

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