Today is my last real free time before the work week starts. After breakfast, I hit the garden and got tons of photos. Even not in the blooming season, there are wonderful flowers out there. The biggest surprise and treat was an exquisite bug. I have no idea what it is, or if it’s the worst bug in the world, but it is the most beautiful bug I’ve ever seen. Getting down to 4 photos of it was tough.

I couldn’t resist trying to capture the huge tree in the garden as well as the hotel. Saw some hawks flying around downtown, but didn’t get good photos as my telephoto was back in the room.

Last night was the only night I’ll have to eat dinner at the hotel and consequently have a drink with dinner. It was very nice. 😉

Going to be responsible and go work out before getting food and taking off. Our cab was set to pick us up at 4pm, I hope I caught it in time, asking them to change it to 6pm.

ETA: Coming in at 3am last night, came upon a huge snail – around 4 inches long. Really tough to take a photo, but I’ll put one in anyway. Walked around garden again after lunch, and saw a couple teeny toads around 1/2 inch long. Adorable


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