Sunday Alex and I went north to Skagit to try to find the snow geese. The day started out very foggy. At times, pea-soup level. We found a flock very soon after leaving the highway, but photographing them was tough. White on white-grey. After taking the dogs on a walk on a levy, and enjoying a Great Blue Heron fishing, we headed north to try to find raptors. And find them we did, along with a gorgeous blue sky and warm sun. We saw a bunch of eagles, as well as a red-tailed hawk, and a rough-legged hawk (a life bird for Alex). (Advanced apologies if I got these incorrect. I’m a photogher, Jim, not a birder. ;-)) One of the Audubon women was carrying a dead owl they’d found a little while ago¬† in a plastic bad, that we got to look at. V. sad, but fascinating to see an owl so close up.


When we headed back south, we saw the sign – many cars at the side of the road. We pulled over to find a huge flock spread out between our field and the one just south. Ours was the perfect place to be, as it was where the geese came in to land. We took a lot of photos.


We had our dogs with us, and Ocean was such a good dog, only twice barking at lunch-on-the- wing in build-ups of frustration.


It was a truly excellent day – best birding day ever, and a satisfying weekend, with lots of art and nature.